Safe and Healthy Sleep

Sleeping Bag or Sleeping Bag with Feet

31 Jul, 2021

The advantages of a baby sleeping bag

Whether a blanket or sleeping bag is used in the cot is a decision that should be carefully considered, as it has a significant impact on the safety of the baby. As your child moves around at night, they could pull the blanket over their face, causing them lack of air. On the other hand, baby is safely packed in a baby sleeping bag. This must be bought individually according to the size of your baby so that their small head does not accidentally slip into the sleeping bag. This keeps the head free and can easily release excess heat to the outside. Unlike a duvet, your child cannot kick the sleeping bag away while dreaming, which prevents them from getting cold at night.

Our sacks are lined differently. TOG values help you to get a general understanding of how warm a sleeping bag is. TOG stands for Thermal Overall Grade and the unit of measurement for the thermal resistance of textiles. This information tells you how warm a baby sleeping bag will keep your child.

Another big advantage of the sleeping bag is the time it saves when changing nappies or breastfeeding at night. You can easily open it with the zip, take care of your darling and then put it back. So they can quickly find their way back to sleep despite the short break.

The advantages of the sleeping bag with feet

A sleeping bag with feet offers the great advantage that it combines the comfort of a normal baby sleeping bag with even more legroom for your little one. This is ensured by additional leg extensions and openings for the little feet. Through the foot openings, your little darling can not only move more while sleeping, but also crawl and run around to their heart's content.

We have integrated foldable cuffs on many of our models that can simply be pulled over the feet. This way, the children's feet will definitely stay warm. Anti-slip nubs are attached under the sole of the foot, so that your sweetheart can safely walk around in their sleeping bag. The sleeping bag is not only a safe night companion, it also becomes a comfortable overall before you put on their day outfit.

At some point your child can decide for themselves whether they want to use a blanket or a sleeping bag. In a sleeping bag with feet, they can move around at night when they need to go to the bathroom. In addition, they can't get cold in it. Many parents have already recognised the advantages for themselves, which is why there are now also sleeping bags with feet for adults.

Baby sleeping bag or sleeping bag with feet?

Which model you choose also depends on your child's preferences. Some children feel right at home in a normal baby sleeping bag and prefer to use it in later years rather than a normal duvet. Other children need more legroom and can therefore sleep better in a sleeping bag with their feet. No matter which choice you make, a sleeping bag with feet definitely offers your child a great alternative to a baby sleeping bag. Observe your darling and their sleeping habits. So you will be able to make the best choice for restful nights.