Setting up your baby’s room: what do you really need?

24 May, 2022

The cot

The most important piece of furniture in the baby's room is the cot, as your baby will spend the first years of it’s life in it. In order to simplify breastfeeding at night, many mothers prefer an extra bed, which can be pushed to the parents' bed by removing the side panel. The extra bed has the advantage that it can later be converted into a cot. Cots that grow with the child are characterised by the fact that you can lower the floor depending on your child's urge to move so that they don’t accidentally fall out.

The mattress in the bed should optimally support your baby's body and should be made of foam or latex, as these are of particularly high quality. No matter which bed you should choose, it must always meet high safety standards so that you and your child can sleep peacefully.

The changing table

Another staple of the nursery should be a changing table, as your baby will often need a few nappy changes. Make sure it's at a convenient height for you so you don't have to bend down or stretch unnecessarily. Your changing table should offer you enough storage space for nappies, creams, powder, towels and sleep-suits, because you will need all of these things during changing. You can sweeten your child's changing time with visual stimuli such as a toy.

If you still want to use the chest of drawers after your child is no longer wearing nappies, we recommend changing chests with a removable attachment. This should measure at least 80 x 100 cm and be both soft and washable. It also makes sense to choose a simple model that goes well with the rest of the children's room decor.

You can also think about placing a nappy bin with a lid next to the changing table and getting a heat lamp for the winter months so that your child doesn’t get cold while changing.

The wardrobe

Even right after birth, your baby will already own a variety of clothes. The older they get, the more clothes they will have. There you can store all jackets, bodysuits, socks and hats neatly and there is also room for muslin cloths, nappy bags or books.

The quiet corner

If you are hoping to breastfeed your child frequently in the first few months of life, you can set up a cozy breastfeeding corner in their room. A rocking chair or a comfortable armchair with upholstered armrests is sufficient for this. You should have an easy time finding a comfortable position in your nursing nook where you can breastfeed and cuddle with your child.

Wall paint

When choosing wall colours, you shouldn’t choose bright colours or eye-catching patterns, as these can overwhelm your baby. Light pastel tones or white colours are initially particularly suitable. You can still make the room cheerful and inviting with coloured furniture, carpets or decorations and pictures. In no time at all, your child's room will become a princess castle or a small jungle as soon as they are older. Also make sure that there are several light sources in the room. These should be dimmable so as not to keep your baby awake longer than necessary when breastfeeding at night.

With all the love that you put into furnishing the baby's room, you should not forget to take safety precautions. This includes installing socket protection, attaching pinch protection to the doors or anchoring furniture and attaching corner protection to the furniture. Then you can enjoy the time getting to know your baby carefree.