Basic Plain Baby Sleeping Bags

Discover our selection of plain baby Slumbersacs and those with legs – ideal for every season and available in a variety of modern as well as classic colours

Modern Colour Variety: Snug Slumbersacs in Elegant Plain Colours

You know best how crucial it is to find a balance between appealing design and practical functionality in baby equipment. At Slumbersac, we understand how varied tastes are, and that's exactly why we offer our snug bags not only in vibrant, child-friendly patterns but also in a wide selection of stylish, plain shades. Our colour palette ranges from deep petrol and soft olive to vivid saffron, strong fuchsia, clear turquoise, warm berry, delicate pastel pink, and rich caramel. With this variety, you're sure to find the ideal colour that suits both your taste and brings joy to your child.

Why a Baby Slumbersac is So Important

To ensure your little darling can sleep safely and snugly both at night and during the day, a suitable baby Slumbersac is essential. This must-have for newborns and babies provides protection against overheating and promotes sleeping on the back, minimizing the risk of dangerous stomach sleeping. With a Slumbersac, your baby stays at the perfect temperature, regardless of the season or room temperature, allowing you as parents to sleep more peacefully.

The Innovative Slumbersac with Feet

Does your little one not feel as comfortable in a traditional baby sleeping bag? Our Slumbersac with feet is the perfect solution! In it, your child can not only sleep heavenly but also crawl, walk, and play happily. Thanks to foldable cuffs and anti-slip dots, the little feet are always warm and safe. For 9 years, Slumbersac has been a pioneer with these practical sleeping bags – a safe alternative to traditional children's blankets.

More Freedom of Movement and Safety

Our Slumbersac with legs offers all the advantages of a traditional baby sleeping bag, supplemented by the freedom of movement for little explorer feet. This way, your child can stay warm and protected even on cooler nights without the risk of exposure.

Sizes and TOG Ratings for Every Need

From 60 cm for the very little ones to 130 cm for larger children, our Slumbersac is available in various sizes to grow with your child. Thanks to the TOG system, you can easily find the ideal sleeping bag for every season and room temperature, ensuring your treasure is always well-protected.