Winter Sleeping Bags

In our breathable and warm padded Winter Sleeping Bags in 3.5 TOG your child will sleep warmly wrapped up without being overheated


Our winter sleeping bags are not just limited to infants, as we also offer sleeping bags  and sleeping bags with feet for older children till 10 years.

A winter sleeping bag for your baby - ensures safe sleep even at low temperatures

When the cold season starts, your baby needs to be wrapped up extra warm at night without overheating. A Slumbersac baby sleeping bag for winter provides cosy warmth during the night, but is breathable at the same time so that the heat cannot build up inside the sleeping bag.

Our warmly lined winter sleeping bags in 3.5 TOG are made of 100% cotton inside and out and lined with breathable polyester fleece, which allows air circulation and ensures a comfortable sleeping climate for your baby. In addition, the baby sleeping bags are pleasantly light despite the thick lining. So your little one can sleep warm and safe at night without sweating.

Baby winter sleeping bags are available without detachable sleeves, depending on how you and your child prefer them. 

Winter Sleeping Bags with Feet 

Our sleeping bags with feet feature additional covers for the feet, complete with anti-slip soles. This provides added safety and security for your child, as they won't slip or slide on slippery surfaces while wearing them. In addition to their safety features, these covers also keep children's toes warm and toasty.

Sizes 7 0cm and 80 cm feature poppers for quick nappy changes.

How warm/thick should the sleeping bag be in winter?

Slumbersac sleeping bags are classified and manufactured according to the English TOG system. TOG is a unit of measurement for the thermal resistance of textiles. The larger the TOG size, the warmer the sleeping bag will keep you.

A Sleeping Bag Winter Sleeping Bag has a TOG rating of 3.5, making it suitable for winter and room temperatures below 18 degrees.

The table gives you recommendations on what clothes your baby should wear in the winter sleeping bag. This depends largely on the room temperature. Please always check that your child is not too warm and not too cold.

It is quite normal, by the way, that babies often have cool hands and feet when they sleep. This is no cause for concern. The best place to find out if your baby is comfortably warm is at the nape of the neck. Your baby should feel neither cold nor sweaty here.

What size sleeping bag does my baby need?

Sleeping bag winter sleeping bags can accompany your child for many years. Winter sleeping bags are offered in six different sizes for newborn babies up to children of ten years.

The sleeping bag must be long and wide enough so that your baby has enough freedom of movement and can kick. Ideally, your baby's feet should be about ¾ of the length of the sleeping bag. Be sure to follow the rule of thumb: grow out, don't grow in!

Also pay attention to the size of the neckline and armholes so that your darling cannot slip into the sleeping bag, as would be the case with a neckline that is too large, and so that there is no danger of strangulation due to a neckline that is too narrow. There is also a rule of thumb for this - the neckline should be about the size that a finger should fit between the neck and the neckline.

Our sleeping bags with feet are generously cut, so we do NOT recommend buying a larger size than necessary. It is very important to measure your child beforehand. Our SIZE GUIDE will help you.

Why Slumbersac? The advantages of Slumbersac all-year sleeping bags at a glance

  • Huge selection of cute and child-friendly designs in six different sizes and four different TOG strengths
  • All Slumbersac baby sleeping bags are tested according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and are therefore free from harmful substances
  • We only use high-quality materials in the manufacture of our baby sleeping bags, which are particularly easy to care for and can be washed at 60 degrees in the washing machine and dried in the gentle drying cycle without any problems.
  • We attach great importance to personal contact with you, our customers. The Slumbersac customer service will be happy to help you with any questions you may have about choosing the right baby sleeping bag.

Of course, you can not only buy sleeping bags for your baby, but also other useful baby equipment and baby clothing, and you can also find beautiful and practical gifts for babies at Slumbersac.