Nursing Pillow

Slumbersac Nursing Pillow: Practical Support, Even Before the Baby Arrives!

Nursing Pillow and Side Sleeper Pillow

The time of pregnancy and the first months with your little one is a very special journey. To make this time as comfortable and beautiful as possible, we at Slumbersac have just the thing for you: a cosy nursing pillow that can be used as a side sleeper pillow for restful nights during pregnancy.

Our Slumbersac Nursing Pillow is filled with practical, adaptable microbeads that gently conform to every body contour. Whether as support for the abdomen during pregnancy or later for versatile breastfeeding positions – this pillow flexibly shapes according to your needs. It is the perfect companion that supports you through pregnancy and the first exciting months with your baby.

We know that ease of care also plays a big role during this special time. Therefore, our nursing pillow comes with a 100% cotton cover that is easy to remove and wash. This keeps your little nest hygienically clean and cuddly soft, day after day.

Make yourselves comfortable, lean back, and enjoy the anticipation of your baby with the Slumbersac Nursing Pillow. It is more than just a support; it is a piece of comfort for you and your baby.