Winter Sleeping Bags

In our breathable Winter Sleeping Bags made from GOTS certified cotton in 3.5 tog, your child will sleep warmly wrapped up without being overheated
Slumbersac’s Winter Baby Sleeping Bags ensure a safe, comfortable and warm night’s sleep for your child- even in the coldest of winter nights. Our Winter Sleeping Bags for babies and toddlers are the perfect alternative to conventional bedding as they ensure a peaceful sleep at a constant temperature without the worry of your little one kicking off blankets or duvets in the night and becoming cold. You have a choice of winter baby sleeping bags with sleeves or without sleeves in our range. These winter sleeping bags in 3.5 Tog are warmly padded making them ideal for room temperatures below 18 degrees. The padding is made from soft polyester fleece, which allows for breathability, thus protecting from overheating but still providing warmth without sweating. With a Slumbersac winter baby sleeping bag, you are choosing the best quality at a competitive price for a heathy baby sleep. Available in 5 sizes ranging from birth up to 10 years!
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