Safe and Healthy Sleep

Tips to help your child sleep well while on holiday

19 Sep, 2021

  • Using an appropriate Slumbersac will ensure that your child is kept at the right temperature during the night. Our Summer Sleeping bags ensure that your little one is kept cool and comfortable. We have a range to choose from which are perfect for the warmer months. 
  • If your child uses a Slumbersac at home then packing one to use when away provides real consistency in terms of their sleep environment.
  • Where possible stick to a routine or at least some elements of your regular routine such as a bath, followed by teeth cleaning and a story in a dimly lit room.
  • Make sure there is some winding down time in the evening before bed, calming activities include jigsaws and colouring in which are great for all the family to take part in.
  • Give your child lots of reassurance, sometimes sleeping in a strange place can be frightening for children. 
  • Ensure that you open the curtains each morning and get out into the natural daylight to help to reset your body clocks and wake you all up ready for a fun filled day ahead. 
  • If sleep patterns do drift while on holiday make sure that as soon as you are back home that you implement your original routine to get your child’s sleep routine on track.