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Choosing the Right Sleeping Bag for your Baby

27 Jun, 2018


Research has shown that baby sleeping bags reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), as they prevent your child from overheating and help maintain a constant and stable body temperature. In a Slumbersac baby sleeping bag, your child can wriggle about as much as they like without accidently covering their head, which is a risk when using blankets, top covers on duvets. A sleeping bag also helps to ensure that your baby remains on their back, because the design makes it harder for them to roll over, keeping them safe and secure all night long.

Why Slumbersac?

Slumbersac has over 15 years' experience, so we know what we're talking about! Our sleeping bags are designed for mums, by mums. They are made from 100% pure cotton, making them super-soft and ideal for sensitive baby skin. They can also be machine-washed and tumble-dried.

Which Tog?

When choosing a sleeping bag, it is very important that you are placing your baby in the correct sleeping bag for the temperature. This is referred to as ‘tog’. Tog stands for Thermal Overall Grade. The higher the tog rating, the warmer the baby sleeping bag and the lower the tog rating, the cooler the sleeping bag. In order to ensure you are choosing the right tog, you have to check the temperature of the room your baby is sleeping in.

Slumbersac sleeping bags come in 4 different togs, as highlighted in the table below.

For more information please visit our Tog Guide.

At Slumbersac, we send our baby and toddler sleeping bags away for tog testing to a company called Intertek, who approve the weight and safety of each bag, making sure they comply with global safety standards. Therefore when buying a Slumbersac sleeping bag you can feel assured that our you are buying a high-quality product, with the correct tog testing system in place, to ensure both you and your child, can enjoy a safe and comfortable night’s sleep!

With our Without Feet?

At Slumbersac you can choose between our standard sleeping bags and sleeping bags with feet. Our standard baby sleeping bags are available in six different sizes, from newborn up to 10 years old. When choosing the right size sleeping bag for your child, it is important to remember that they should be able to kick and wriggle freely in the sleeping bag. Ideally your baby’s feet should be positioned at 3/4 of the sleeping bag, leaving the bottom quarter of the sleeping bag 'empty'.

Please refer to our Sleeping Bag Size Guide Chart below for guidance on which baby sleeping bag you should buy, depending on your child's length and weight. You can find more information on our dedicated Size Guide page.

Size 18 months – 3 years (110 cm) can also be shortened so it ‘grows’ with your child. This size has poppers on the back and is suitable from 18 months to 2 years two years when folded and up to 3 years when extended so you are getting great value for money as it lasts longer!

Some babies don't get along with standard baby sleeping bags and so Slumbersac's exclusive Sleeping Bags with Feet are the perfect alternative! Slumbersac Sleeping Bags with Feet are fantastic for active toddlers as they start learning to walk, giving them the freedom to move around, reducing the risk of falling over, while still enjoying the comfort of their sleeping bag at bedtime.

Lots of toddlers don’t like having their feet covered at night. The design allows you to pull the legs down so their little feet are tucked in for a warm and comfortable night's sleep, or their feet can be left outside of the bag, so they don’t feel restricted.
Slumbersac Sleeping Bags with Feet are available in six different sizes, from six month old toddlers up to six-year old children. Certain designs of Size 0 and 1 feature handy poppers, meaning you can easily undo the sleeping bag, making it ideal for quick and easy nappy changes and potty training!

View the below examples for how to choose the right size Sleeping Bag with Feet.

Size Examples:

Feet tucked in: Child's height at 82cm + 10cm = 92cm = Size 24-36 months
Feet outside: Child's height at 82cm = Size 18-24 months

If your child prefers their feet tucked inside of the bag while sleeping, please add 10cm to their height, if they prefer their feet to be 'free' then select the size sleeping bag depending on their actual height.

View our dedicated Size Guide for more information.

Still can’t decide?

If you still can’t decide which sleeping bag to buy, our website comes with a handy filter to help you decide. You can search by Gender, Size, Tog and Colour. We have a fantastic selection of designs for boys and girls, so you are guaranteed to find a sleeping bag your little one will love!

Name Embroidery

For that extra special touch you can personalise your sleeping bag by adding name embroidery. All you have to do is choose your item and embroidery colour from the product page and then head over to the checkout. With 12 beautiful colours to choose from, our name embroidery service makes the perfect gift for newborns, birthdays and other special occasions!

Don’t forget our accessories!

As well as our award-winning sleeping bag, Slumbersac also sells a wonderful selection of baby accessories, including Muslin Squares, Travel Wraps, Ponchos, Bath Towels and Baby Comforters. We also sell E-Gift Cards, available in various denominations. Our Gift Cards make the perfect gift for parents so they can decide which Slumbersac sleeping bag to buy for their most cherished. From birthdays, to christenings, baby showers, Christmas, Mother's Day and more, our gift cards make the perfect present for any occasion!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can also get in touch via our Facebook page!